A Homeowner’s Guide To Permanent LED Soffit Lighting Systems

Exterior lighting in your home serves many purposes. The lights can provide curb appeal, illumination, holiday decoration options, and extra security and safety. Instead of manually installing lighting to your home or putting up temporary lighting, you have the option to add a permanent LED soffit lighting system to the front of your home.

A permanent installation comes with unlimited options thanks to the advancements in LED lights. As you consider a permanent lighting installation on your home’s exterior, follow this guide to learn more about the soffit lighting system and exactly how the lights will work for your home.


A trained electrician will provide the full set-up of a permanent LED soffit system. Instead of running cords down the side of your house, an electrician can wire the lights to the inside of your home and provide a traditional electric connection. You do not need to waste any of your exterior plugs or worry about wire exposure from the lights.

Typically, the system will get installed in the soffit areas on the exterior of the home. The areas include the underside of every story on the home. For example, the main roof will have soffits that hang out over the edge. Windows will often feature a smaller soffit and any entryways will often feature an extended soffit as well.

In most cases, you will only install lights on the front exterior of your home, but you have the option to install them on the back as well.


LED lights use far less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs. Even though your home will have more illumination and light options, you will save money on your electric bill when compared to traditional lights. The lights will also last for years without the need for replacement or repairs.

In many cases, the installation will come with a warranty, but the full amount depends on which light system you choose to purchase. An electrician will go over the various options and detail what the warranty covers.

The permanent installation means you do not need to change lights or hang up lights seasonally. The installation in the soffit will keep them out of view during the day and provide plenty of illumination at night.


A permanent LED light system comes with many uses due to the effects and options with the lights. You could choose standard lights to illuminate the home or completely transform the lights for a more dramatic effect. For example, around Christmas, you can change the light colors to alternating red and green.

With year-round use, you have the opportunity to change the lights to different holiday themes as well. For example, around the Fourth of July, you could set red, white, and blue light colors. On Halloween, you could change all the colors to orange. When a new sports season starts, you can select team colors to display on the design.

The lights also come with a lot of effects. For example, you could feature animated lights or flashing lights. You could set a timer for the lights and fade the lights in and out as needed.


Along with standard switches, the lights will connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and operate through the use of a digital app. With the app, you have the opportunity to set the colors, create custom light scenarios, and save your favorite light designs. With full operation through the app, you can set up light designs from the comfort of your home.

After installation, an electrician will go through the app basics and help you make adjustments as needed.

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