Glowstone Lighting

We are now an Authorized Dealer for Glowstone Lighting. The product is a permanent LED soffit light system. This product is exciting in so many ways!

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Here are a few key points that we find to be the most exciting.

  • They are permanent. No more running up and down ladders to install, take down or repair holiday lighting.
  • They are not only for Christmas! Perfect for any event or holiday season. Favorite sports team. Display their colours while a game is on. Halloween, Orange. Canada Day, Red and White. Soft lighting for backyard BBQ’s, pool and hot tub parties. They also can be used to create a pot light effect or for security lighting.
  • Low profile. These lights install on the soffit of your home with an exact color matching track. When they are not turned on you won't notice them unless you look for them.
  • Durable and Dependable. Glowstone Lights are built to withstand the elements
  • Customization. You can create numerous effects and patterns as well as the colours of the lights (64 million possible colours).
  • All done through your smartphone or tablet. After you download the app you will be able to operate the entire system easily right from your phone or tablet.

Glowstone Lighting Systems have been designed and tested to endure the rigours of our Canadian climate.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube that was created by my partners at GlowStone Lighting