Fire Alarm, Life Safety

Fire Alarm and Life Safety Product Installation and More

Turn to Enerpro Electrical Services Inc for help in installing, repairing, and maintaining your property’s electrical, fire alarm, and emergency lighting systems. We have some of the best local electricians in Calgary to provide you with excellent workmanship for your project.

Is your Building Compliant to
Fire Alarm and Life Safety Standards?

The Canadian Fire Code and City of Calgary outline Building owners Responsibilities for Fire Safety and Life Saving Devices. Did you know that by code all life saving devices and fire alarm devices MUST be regularly inspected for compliance and proper operation. This includes Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Criteria. While daily and weekly criteria are easily done by anyone on site and do not require the same documentation Monthly and Yearly inspections must be documented and performed by qualified individuals.

At Enerpro Electrical we pride ourselves on performing quality inspections and maintenance to keep your business code compliant and to avoid instances which could effect insurance coverage or loss of life.

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Our Services

Fire Alarm Equipment Installation

Our electricians are experienced in installing various fire alarm systems quickly and thoroughly. We can also work with your engineers to design and certify a new fire alarm system for your business.

Electrician wearing a yellow safety cap

Electrical System Maintenance and Repair

Whether it is fixing a broken device or troubleshooting existing system issues, we have you covered. Our highly trained technicians can do the repair or maintenance job effectively and efficiently.

Inspection and Report

Fire Alarm System

Ensure the safety of your home or business in the event of a fire by having us perform annual inspections and reports on your fire alarm system. 

Emergency Lighting System

Having an emergency lighting system helps make sure your business will still have a few lights on to assist staff and customers in exiting the premises during a crisis. We check the batteries, locations, and operations of your emergency lighting system to ensure your devices work properly and meet industry code requirements. These include inspecting:

  • Exit Lights
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Remote Head Lights
  • Battery Backup
emergency battery pack
running man exit

Keeping Up to Date With Industry Codes

Enerpro Electrical Services Inc is a fully insured electrical contractor in Calgary, AB. Our company is one of the top code-compliant businesses in our community. We are updated on the recent changes to industry codes about fire alarms and emergency lighting, so our work meets all the standards for a safe and secure system.

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