EV Charging

Be Able to Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is an environmentally conscious decision to commit to a more eco-friendly transportation solution. These autos feature green technology that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of the few drawbacks of having an EV is finding a charging point to recharge your automobile. Fortunately, Enerpro Electrical Services Inc in Calgary, AB can help you with this issue.

What We Can Do for You

We provide full-service installation work for EV charging points so that you can power your safe and reliable automobile conveniently within your own home. You can choose from any of our different charging point options — from standard plugs to chargers with remote configuration via wifi, real-life monitoring, output adjustment, and power-sharing features.

Our technicians also perform safety checks to ensure the seamless integration of the charging point to your property’s power system. This inspection is done to make sure that the fixture will not cause any electrical faults in the near future.


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